Dr Anne Knowles 

Research Consultant

BEd(Hons), MEd(Hons), PhD, COGE (Cert. Gifted Ed.)

Dr Knowles has been involved with Christian Education since 1986 when she began teaching at Pacific Hills Christian School.  As staff, Anne taught Science, Biology, PDHPE and Mathematics, as well as being a parent from 1996. Anne has also had experience teaching in Higher Education at both University of Queensland and UTS.  Anne has a Masters of Education (Hons) and a PhD in Behaviour Genetics/Education, studying Self-concept in Twins. Anne has been involved with Gifted Education since 1996, most recently in Middle School, extending students in Mathematics, and in Spelling using a Latin thematic word-origins course which she developed.  “I have always been very interested in Research and in 2017 I have been given the wonderful opportunity to work as a Research Consultant with TEC.”