Research Fellow

Dr Thomas Smith

Dr Thomas Smith is an Affiliate Research Fellow of the Lumen Research Institute, Excelsia College and Indiana Wesleyan University.” Currently, he is a contract lecturer in Psychology for Teachers at Excelsia College. His dissertation at Sydney University was concerned with how adolescents may develop an Agape Identity for their Adult Ego. He has contributed a number of Christian Education chapters to Australian and international books on Youth Ministry and Teaching Christianly. In 2014 he carried out “Personal Viewpoint” research with Year 10. Then in association with Dr Anne Knowles he has researched and published how Years 3, 7 and 10 use personal viewpoints to resolve moral and other life-issues dilemmas.  In 2016 he wrote a Year 7 Term length Biblical Studies syllabus to include the research finding for Year 7 students. In Term 2 this year he will write a Year 3 Term Biblical Studies syllabus based on the Book of Acts.