Hello Everyone,

How fragile is life? I grew up in a home where our mother gave us a taste for the finer things in life. At a very young age my sister and I were enchanted by the delights of drinking tea from our Mum’s elegantly crafted fine bone china teacups. It’s every little girl’s dream to sip daintily from these exquisite porcelain pieces, pinkies turned out and feeling like royal little ladies. Tea simply tastes better in your Royal Albert “Old Country Roses” teacup. Yet the enjoyment of the fine-bone china always came with a warning: “never pour boiling water directly into the teacup or they may crack because they are so fragile”.

As we look at life through the eyes of an epidemic, we find ourselves asking “how fragile is life?” Prior to this crisis, the landscape of our lives had been definable. Our days were sunlit with the delights of routines and freedoms that created a sense of security and normalcy. We could make plans and return home to the safe harbours of our lives, anchored comfortably in predictability. Yet all of a sudden we have become acutely aware of the fragility of life and we are left asking, “how fragile is life?” We are brutally conscious of how little control we have when the boiling water of devastation is poured out into the fine cups of our lives, The fragility shows as life cracks under the pressure. One moment we seem to be in control and the next we are not.

The reality is that life has always been fragile, and ultimately, we need someone who transcends these delicate realms. In asking the question “how fragile is life”, it begs a greater question: “is there a sure foundation?” Here is the deal breaker for living coherently, with hope in our fragile frameworks. YES! We have a sure foundation. Isaiah 33:6a says of God “He will be the sure foundation for your times” and 2 Timothy 2:19 says “. . . nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are His . . .”. This places what is fragile into a hope-filled context; into the hands of the very One who fashioned us and secures us on a firm foundation. God Himself is our sure foundation! If this season has taught us anything, it is not only how fragile life is and how little control we have, but what a difference God makes in the midst. We have a sure foundation that bursts past the vulnerable walls of this life. Right there we have hope, security and confidence that no matter what, our times are in His hands and as He takes what is easily broken, He gently moves us through the passage of life that is ultimately not bound by what is fragile but rather what becomes eternal. Eternity therefore frames fragility as God remains our sure foundation forever.

So, friends, get your “God foundation” on today.

Best days to come



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