Hello Everyone

When the Father speaks. Spoken words and sometimes unspoken words are defining. They fall upon the ears of the soul and seep into the cervices of our beings and affect us in either a good way or sadly, at times in negative ways. But when the Father speaks, His words not only define us, they redefine us, reposition and restore us. When the Father speaks, He speaks out of His right to speak as our creator, out of His pure and perfect character and out of His right as Lord and King. No other voice has that level of authority to speak and settle the issues of our souls. When the Father speaks, He speaks truth and love, with power, authority, justice and grace. He speaks with the voice of a loving, passionate, dedicated Father who seeks our very best. So, when the Father speaks, that is the voice that we must attune our ears to. (Read through John 10).

There is a plethora of “voices” in our world that seem to have assumed the right to speak. Sometimes and somehow, we can get caught, allowing these words to spin a distorted message of truth around in our heads; voices that have a counterfeit authority and an opinion about who we are, what our purpose is, how we are to live and how we should relate. These distorted messages become a collective cacophony of noise that jag our thoughts and reel us in on the hooks of deception and distortion. If we listen for a single moment or entertain a tiny word that is not God’s truth, we risk our thoughts becoming entangled and ensnared by an orator that has no right to speak.

At times when you hear the words of the counterfeit orator, speaking falsehoods like “you aren’t good enough”, “you don’t measure up”, “there’s no way back and no way forward”, “you are strapped down by sin and failure”, or “the mountain ahead is insurmountable”; STOP and listen to the one authentic voice of God. For when the Father speaks He says “I have made you worthy and this is not up for debate.” He says “I have made you enough and the measure of who you are is defined by Me as your creator and I get the final word on that”. He reminds us that we are free from sin and death by the righteousness of Jesus who has ultimate authority and by the word of His mouth keeps us by His grace. And as for those insurmountable mountains, the Father says “I will never leave you on the path alone; take heart, we will take down that mountain together.” When the Father speaks, His declarations are reality and they are final. What a relief when we listen when the Father speaks. The Father’s words are the only words that count.

So, friends get your “Father-attuned ears” on today and listen when the Father speaks.


Best days to come.



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