Hello Everyone

The lens of God’s truth. A few months back I had to get a new pair of glasses. As I cycled through the varying lens options, I was aware of how much the wrong lens distorted the letters and sentences I was trying to identify and interpret. I needed the right lens to see clearly and accurately. We live in a culture that continuously applies the wrong lens for identifying reality and understanding truth. There is a growing tug-of-war between Christianity and postmodern worldviews, with the latter spewing its claim to truth and shovelling as much dirt on the life of faith as possible. Godless philosophies are shaping cultures that sit on fractured foundations. Counterfeit ideologies are erected as towers of truth. Society has welcomed borderless morals and humans are sitting on their thrones as autonomous kings, confidently claiming there is no God.

More than ever, we need the lens of God’s truth, His Word to shape our lives so we become like a living lens that helps others to focus on a correct view of reality. You and I are carriers of God’s truth as we live in and live out His story, assisting the lost to interpret life through the lens of God’s truth (1 John 4:1-6). We embody His truth in our words and actions. As we hold up the lens of God’s truth, we give others an authentic opportunity to take a look at life from God’s perspective and to reorientate their lives to Him, so life can be lived the way God designed and intended it. We have a big responsibility and a big role to play. We must continually take up the cause of the Kingdom and ask, am I holding up the lens of God’s truth to help others see Jesus clearly?

We live in an age, where more than any other time, God is marginalised and people lack meaning, purpose, and destiny, whilst encountering a confused sense of identity. Humanity is orientated around themselves and only see life through the cracked lens of a human perspective. They are asking questions, but they are settling for the lie. Tragically, their lives are being short-changed as they hang their hopes on philosophies of falsehood. But what a change you and I can make as we partner with God and position the lens of God’s truth to help others look through and discover the coherence and wonder of the Biblical worldview that can lead them to their Lord and Saviour, Jesus. Bethe lens of God’s truth!

So, friends, get your “God lens” on today.


Best days to come.