The eye of the storm. As we navigate the waters of life, we will experience times of smooth sailing and other times we will find ourselves in the middle of a storm as we charter our way through unexpected, rougher passageways in our lives. It is a sure thing, as Jesus said, that difficulty will be part of our journey and we will periodically find ourselves in troubled waters (John 16:33). Storms will come.


There are times when we know a storm is coming and we can prepare. We hear the clapping of thunder and the dark clouds rolling in, but other times storms will suddenly break without warning and the lightning will be tearing the skies open and the wind will be whipping and bending everything to its limit. The storms of life are often like this and when they break over us, we wonder what has hit us. We are currently experiencing this as we navigate the stormy waters of COVID-19, where we are being whipped by its tentacles of fear and bent to our limits with loss, grief, hardship and pain, and we are longing for smoother waters.


Yet there is an epicentre in every storm known as the eye of the storm, where there is a surprising stillness and peace. In the storms that hit our lives and the turbulence of trouble swirls and disorientates us; where the thundering of calamity cracks around us, lashing our lives and shredding the sails of our beings, if we drop the anchor of our lives at the epicentre; the eye of the storm, it is there we will find Jesus who will be our place of stillness, comfort and peace amidst the chaos. It is there we hear Jesus whisper our names, “I’m with you, I’ve got you and I AM LORD of the storm”. Jesus is always at the eye of the storms of life. He is in control and although the storms rage around us and distract our gaze, if we listen we will hear His gentle voice as He beckons us towards Himself where there is no safer mooring than in the still waters of His presence.


The storms will break; they will crack over us and bend us, but Jesus is always our passage through. He is present at the eye of the stormand there is never a moment where He is not in control; never a moment where He cannot still the storm, and never a moment where we are out of the grand grip of the master creator who holds us gently through the storm, but always has the power to crush the storm.


So, friends, get your eyes on Jesus today.


Best days to come