Progress and achievement are so important to celebrate. They are, however, not ends in themselves. We are to guide our young people in understanding the purpose (WHY) they have been gifted, HOW they have been gifted and the responsibilities they have for the faithful application of their giftings as they honour God and serve others.

So, our celebration of progress and achievement MUST have a context. Let me suggest a Mnemonic.

  1. Christ Preeminent – The Biblical truth is that Jesus is Preeminent over all; the entire universe including every person. This is not a private truth and is not simply true for believers. It is truth that is the bedrock for every breath, every thought, every action, every piece of knowledge.

    We need to have a culture that says: “There IS someone worth following! We Proclaim Christ.
  1. Hope Focussed – Genuine Hope arises from knowing the preeminent Christ; knowing He is sufficient for all things.

    When we are hope-filled, we have cause to be hopeful.

    Hope-filled people are not simply positive thinkers. Those who know true hope will know sadness and grief more clearly than others, because they know what life SHOULD be like. So, being hope- filled will help our young people to grieve without sentimentality, and apply their learning in compassionate ways.

    We need to have a culture that says:”There IS Hope for now and the future.”

  1. Redemptive Engagement – From the creation of the universe it was God’s plan to involve His people in His world; it still is.

    One of our major tasks is equipping young people to engage in redemptive ways.

    Developing our students’ critical and constructive thinking and redemptive action, is for the benefit and flourishing of ALL people and communities.

    We need to have a culture that that causes them to see and rejoice in what is good; to share compassion with the suffering and to act redemptively where possible.

  1. Interdependent – Independence is not God’s design for people. God’s design is for community and interdependence.

    Relationships do matter.

    We need to have a culture that values and finds meaning in relationship, seeks collaboration and harmony and expresses dignity for every person.

  1. Servant heart – We were designed to serve It’s in our DNA! This has to be more than simply occasional acts of service.

    We need to have a culture that rejoices in servanthood.
  1. Thankful – “give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. Thankfulness is the anti-dote to cynicism.

    We need to have a culture that is saturated with thankfulness.

    A context for celebrating progress and achievement is critical. Leaders must shape the culture in which this might thrive.

Blessings on you as you lead our students to engage purposefully in progress and achievement in their communities as they honour God.