Hello Everyone

Our small hand in God’s mighty hand becomes a powerful instrument for influencing and impacting the Kingdom as we join our hand with the most powerful hand in the universe. Isaiah 41:13. When we read about the many heroes of the faith, in each story we see them partner with God, placing their small hand in God’s mighty hand, which resulted in God doing extraordinary things with ordinary resources. In every instance where God asked these heroes to do something unconventional, the end result was phenomenal. As they each stepped up and placed their small hand in God’s mighty hand, God miraculously advanced His purposes and moved the redemptive story forward. Take Moses; God tells him to take his staff, lift it up and the Red Sea waters would part, allowing the Israelites travel on a dry sandy seabed to escape the bloodthirsty pursuit of the Egyptian army. The Israelites were no longer slaves and their captors were upgraded to the status of “deceased” after the torrent Red Sea waters swallowed them up. Then there’s David who takes a sling and five small stones and annihilates a taunting giant who falls and shakes the ground with the thunderous force of an earthquake. Goliath is then upgraded to the status of “defeated” and literally loses his head. And what of Joshua? God gives Joshua the peculiar battle strategy of marching his army around the walls of Jericho for seven days, with priests playing their trumpets, all giving a mighty vocal roar on the seventh day and just like that, the fortified city walls crumble and become rubble on the ground. The citizenship of Jericho was transferred to God’s people and the Canaanites were upgraded to the status of “disinherited”. Each one placed their small hand in God’s mighty hand and the unconventional acts became phenomenal acts of God. Should the Red Sea have parted just because Moses held up his staff? No! Should Goliath, dripping in his suit of armour have been knocked out of the fight from one small sling and a stone? No! How does a fortified city wall crumble because an army marches round it, blowing their trumpets and letting out a great shout? Theses shifts from the unconventional to the phenomenal were because each one placed their small hand in God’s mighty hand, and the spiritual realm shifted, strongholds were torn down, God’s purposes were enacted and God was on display as the God above all Gods.

It is quite miraculous to think that we get to join hands with the Hand that fashioned and formed the universe. It is also somewhat inconceivable to think that God who is so great would even want to use our small hands for His mighty purposes, as He engages us to move His redemptive story forward and towards the close of the age. Yet we are invited to place our small hand in God’s mighty hand. God then takes what is unconventional and transforms it into something phenomenal. Think about what can happen when we place our small hand in God’s mighty hand. What strongholds can be broken? What opportunities arise where God is showcased as the one true God. What person can be influenced to turn their face to Jesus? What prayer can be answered? What word can be spoken that will encourage others? What shifts can take place in the spiritual realm when we place our small hand in God’s mighty hand? There is a string of endless possibilities that can lead to miraculous transformations. God still parts the waters of trouble, He takes down the taunting giants of fear and crumbles walls to open the wide fields of our destiny, when we place our small hand in God’s mighty hand.

So, friends, get your hands in God’s hand today.


Best days to come.