Hi Team,

What’s in your storehouse? (please don’t say toilet paper – joking 😊). Seriously, a storehouse is a place where you deposit provisions and gather supplies to ensure resources are available in times of scarcity. Sound familiar? Ideally, these resources should be gathered during times of abundance. What we are talking about today is the practice of progressively gathering our spiritual resources to deposit in our storehouses which becomes a rich supply when we are under fire or going through difficult times. What you deposit in your storehouse now will become your plentiful supply in time of need. So, what’s in your storehouse? Have you gathered an ample supply of spiritual truth that will serve you well and supply your needs when there is an assault on your faith?

Deposit every word you read from your Bible. Affirm every theological truth as a reality. Remember every defining experience where you encounter God’s faithfulness. Store up every word God speaks to you through a message. Reflect on the lyrics of worship songs. Record what you learn from books. These form your spiritual resources. Stockpile them! As we deposit these treasures and resources into our spiritual storehouses, they become a rich reserve we can draw from when life hurls heartache, hardship or suffering at us that can take us to the brink of unbelief. In these times we can open the doors of our storehouse and feast, be victorious, stand the test and declare, “it is well with my soul”.

So, friends, get your stockpiling on, gather your resources and fill your storehouse.

Best days to come