Hello Everyone,
You are still my first love! It is a profound revelation that we are the ‘first love’ of Jesus. When His love settles on our hearts, we cannot help but love Him back. There has never been and there never will be another person who will love us so perfectly. Jesus made the ultimate declaration of love, when He put Himself on the line and laid down His life for us (that’s no small thing). He has swept us off our feet with breathtaking love, leaving the permanent imprint of His affections on our hearts. This encounter leaves us changed forever. That’s a lot of love right there.
Jesus calls us to love Him with all that we are (Matthew 22:37). Can we say to Jesus today, You are still my first love? Love and honour are the components of a reverential relationship. We must ensure the creep of familiarity never sets in to dislocate Jesus from being our greatest love. We cannot compromise our love by placing greater value on other objects of our affections. We must always be peeling back the layers of our lives and looking deep into our hearts to ensure that we are immovable in our love and looking, with an unbroken gaze to Jesus, the lover of our souls. Jesus, ‘You are still my first love’ must always be on our lips. 
When we say to Jesus ‘You are still my first love’ it means He is not just our first love, but our in between love and our final, forever love. Jesus, you are still my first love.
So, friends, get your ‘first love’ on today.
Best days to come