Hello Everyone

This too shall pass. With the recent resurgence of the pandemic crossing over the borders of our lives again, we are reminded that we live in a world where difficulty drops in and etches its scars on our lives. One moment we are on top of the mountain and the next moment, the unwanted intruder of affliction invades, and we find ourselves in the valley of hardship. When difficulty mounts its campaign against us, we feel like our plans, dreams, and longings are all corralled into the pens of restriction. We want to rid ourselves of the ball and chain of trials and restraint.

Difficulty makes us feel like we have been cast in an inferno of affliction and as we look through the thick smoke of adversity and find no clarity or ending in sight, we wonder, how long will this season last? 1 Peter 5:10 reminds us that this too shall pass and after we have endured the fire for a season, God will bring us through with a refined character that has produced resolute faith. It’s messy! We wrestle! We don’t always have answers! We feel the pain! We don’t know how long! But we do have a Saviour who points us to His truth, that this too shall pass.

The enemy of our soul is always prowling around looking for opportunities to light fires that will derail our faith. He makes us feel that these trials will never pass. His intention is to burn our faith alive. He wants maximum damage and total destruction (1 Peter 5:8-9). But Jesus tells us He is in the fire with us, blowing on the embers of our faith and fanning us into an even greater flame that will burn brightly. Jesus refines us in the fire and affirms that in every fiery furnace of affliction, there is a sparkling jewel of faith to be found. Jesus is committed to the refinement of our faith. He bears with us in hard times, and He will not move. He reminds us this too shall pass. And when it all passes, Jesus picks up this gemstone that has formed in the fire, He dusts off the ashes, fuses it into our character and crafts a place for it in our eternal crowns. Whatever you are facing, this too shall pass.

So, friends, get your “this too shall pass” on today.


Best days to come.