Hello Everyone,

Jesus meets us right where we are at and He changes everything. This is an incredible thought. Jesus is the creator and sustainer of the universe, lives in unapproachable light, is seated on His Kingly throne, yet willingly and intentionally enters the realm of our humanity in all our brokenness, frailty, failures, sickness, loss, and desperation. This supreme, majestic, all-powerful, transcendent King is not aloof and does not hide behind the royal gates of Heaven. He actually stoops down, enters the dirt and grit of our messy lives, meets us right where we are at and He changes everything. Imagine, a royal King in your very space. This King, Jesus, personally seeks us, intimately leans in with utmost love and kindness, gives us His full attention and in one encounter He exchanges our issues with all He is and that changes everything.

Think of the numerous stories in the Bible that tell of people trapped in their cycles of life. Zacchaeus, the tax collector, trapped in a cycle of exploitation; the woman at the well, trapped in a cycle of moral failure; the man with leprosy, trapped in the grip of disease; the woman who had haemorrhaged for 12 years, trapped by the stigma of being unclean; the blind man trapped in cycle of darkness; Mary and Martha, trapped in the cycle of grief after their brother Lazarus died; Thomas, trapped in a cycle of doubt, with all his philosophical questions; the young lad who was trapped in a cycle of demon possession. Many of these people lived in a deeper chasm of marginalisation, exclusion, rejection, disadvantage, longing, searching, and hopelessness. But Jesus met them right where they were at and He changed everything. Jesus removed their gavels of judgement, stripped them of their false identities and restored their dignity, value, place in community, their rights to be human, their meaning, purpose and joy. In each encounter, Jesus pointed them beyond themselves and to Himself, and when they encountered Him, they were awakened by this radical transformation, resulting in their worship and service of Jesus. For example, Jesus met Zacchaeus right where he was at, in the slums of his exploitation. This one encounter changed everything. Zacchaeus was no longer driven by greed and deceitful collaborations. His encounter with Jesus awakened him to his true self and he exchanged his life of materialism for generosity, by extending his resources to the poor and restoring four-fold to those he defrauded. The Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus was so powerful she started an evangelism campaign, and so on.

We walk in parallel tracks with many of these Biblical characters as they collectively represent the themes of our lives and the deeper chasms that undergird our tracks. No other person can inhabit our humanity like Jesus and make such an impact. Through His incarnation, He knows exactly what it was like to live as a human and to walk in our shoes. He is aware of the deepest cries in our hearts, He knows the road of suffering, He knows rejection and marginalisation, He knows brokenness, grief and loss. So, when He walks right up to us, meets us right where we are at, He changes everything, and our transformations not only result in our awakening but in how we worship and our serve Him.

So, friends, get His exchange on today and worship Jesus, our wonderful King who changes everything.

Best days to come