Hello Everyone,

At His table. There is something incredibly unique about a table. During recent times of restriction, one of the things we have missed most is gathering around our tables with others. A table is where we gather to enjoy a meal and to share our stories, dreams, heartaches, and joys. Tables in a sense unite us and our moments around our tables often become our most treasured memories. But a table is also a place of privilege. Think of your table. Think about our kids at our tables. When they misbehave or show disrespect, they are dismissed and banished to their bedrooms. They are deprived of the company and the culinary delights (particularly if ice cream is on the menu). There is privilege and great enjoyment when a friend extends an invitation to join them at their tables. It is one of the delights of life. But, imagine also if we offended our hosts, like the children, we may be dismissed. The offence would violate the privilege and there may be a rift in the relationships. Perhaps we may not be so welcome.

There are many varied tables around the globe, expressed differently in the varying cultures. But a royal table is one we would all love to dine at. Imagine for a moment if you were invited to dine with the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Would you feel accepted and relaxed and free to tell your story or your heartaches at this royal table? I think not. You would be following the strictest of protocols and would probably not get an audience of one with the Queen. Any violation of this privileged invitation would guarantee your removal with no repeat opportunities. But there is a table; a royal table where a golden invitation has been extended to us to sit at His table; God’s table. It is the grandest banquet table of all. This table is unique because the host invites His enemies to enter in and dine in unimaginable extravagance. It’s a King’s table and is it set with all the riches and trappings of heavenly royalty. It is set with amazing grace, forgiveness, acceptance, love, joy, peace, kindness, generosity and the banquet is eternal. At His table we don’t just get a transitory party hat, we get an eternal crown. At His table, although it is the most important table in the universe, we have an audience of one with the King and we get to tell our stories. At His table our places are secure and we have permanent name plates with our names etched in permanent marker ink. It is a table where we will, more than once offend the host, but we will not be dismissed or banished. If we ever leave His table and wish to return, He will always welcome us back. At His table, there is no class distinctions or exclusions. There’s no dress code because the King provides everyone with a royal robe. At His table Jesus, the ultimate host pays the cost of the banquet and pays for everyone who takes a seat. We sit at His table now and we will sit at His table then. But until then, we partake, not as beggars and paupers, but as royal daughters and sons at His table, and we simply give thanks.

So, friends, seat yourself to His table today.


Best days to come