Hello Everyone,

The story of all stories. Stories are enchanting as they immerse us into the narrative and we begin to recognise ourselves in the characters, cultures and common things of life. Stories are about connection, tradition, identification, values and inspiration. They are relatable. And they must be authentic. As we sit around our campfires of life and tell stories, they powerfully touch our thoughts and emotions. Stories can also be markers about life and reality as they point us towards meaning. Stories ignite imagination, stir innovation, kindle hope, create wonder, inflame inspiration and author our memories.

Deep down every heart longs for a story that explains the reality of life; a story that will never disappoint. The story of all stories is one such story. It is the great story of God. He is the author, narrator and director of this epic story. The story of all stories is God’s overarching meta-narrative of life. It is authentic and totally relatable and we locate our own story within the story of all stories. It is the greatest love-story of all time where “once upon a time, the King of all Kings had a kingdom that He extended into the earthly realms. He created magnificent creatures and placed them into His Edenic garden of paradise. The people he made were unique because they reflected their King. They lived in purity, perfection, peace and with purpose. But one day the King’s people assaulted their King after they made an agreement with the evil serpent prince. They traded their first love; they lost their innocence. In the flash of one moment; yes just one moment, where man attempted to be king, the people fell and the creation began to crumble. Dislocated from their King; disorientated in meaning; distorted perspectives, life would never be the same again. Death that was never intended became part of life. They were lost. Yet the King of all Kings loved His people and set about to restore them to their original creative purpose. He gave them a great book to teach them how to live. The words were golden and of great value. But the people kept breaking their covenant with their Kinsman Redeemer. So, He came to their earth to restore His kingdom and rescue His people. His love was so great He laid down His royal crown and chose a cruel crown of thorns and sacrificed Himself on their behalf to restore them once and for all. It cost the King His life. He was innocent and they were guilty. They deserved to be punished but instead He loved them. But the story goes on and this King of all Kings was raised from death to life and He took up His victor’s crown and He is seated in the heavenly realms on His eternal throne. Moment by moment He reaches down, helping, protecting, loving and comforting His people. But, one day, like a thief in the night, the King of all Kings will come back again. In a final blow He will defeat the evil serpent prince and will create a new heaven and earth. He will be enthroned and glorious and His people will be pure and they will love Him eternally. In this story, the people who belong to the King of all Kings will live happily ever after.”

The script of the story of all stories is our script and we are living it out. As we enter into this grand, grace-based narrative we find a connection to the King; one who identifies with our humanity, gives us a tradition of faith, offers His presence, gives us His kingdom values to live by, restores our purpose and fulfilment and secures our destiny by writing our names in His eternal Book of Life. Oh, what a story we are living out and living in; the story of all stories.

So, friends, get your story on today.

Best days to come