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The Excellence Centre (TEC) exists to bless and encourage school leaders and teachers by providing resources that will enable them to intentionally develop as Christian Educators.

To this end TEC has developed a twenty-session course “Teaching for Discipleship”, based on the book “Teaching Redemptively – Bringing God’s Grace & Truth into the Classroom” by Donovan L Graham.

The course is designed for the Principal to inspire and equip his/her staff to be deeply immersed in the Biblical story so that they may embrace and practice a Gospel-shaped education that meaningfully engages with young people in their cultural context.

The content covers the five aspects of the educational task in the Christian School:

  • The purpose of education
  • The nature of learners
  • The calling of Teachers
  • The design of the teaching and learning (pedagogy)
  • The subject content

The course is based on a community learning approach to professional development and includes research and contemporary educational theories of practice.  Research evidence indicates that the most effective professional learning occurs when colleagues learn together, engage in feedback and work collaboratively.

Each session is customised for a specific school using their photographs and logo.  Teachers receive the session notes before the training time in order to do the prior reading and complete the activities before attending the staff session led by the Principal.


Some comments from those who completed the course are “This course provided the time and space to have deep important conversations around spiritual matters with my colleagues”

“The teacher activities were good, with some fantastic questions to mull over.”

“Thank you for the final instalment of what has been one of my favourite Professional Developments ever … it has done wonders with and between our staff.”  (Principal Dave Pauling)