Hello Everyone

The perfect host. Growing up, our home was always a buzz with guests from known friends to strangers off the street. Our mother was the perfect host. She put a special touch on all she did to welcome people into our home. There were always flowers on the table, a candle burning, the table was set with her finest china, charmingly placed on her best lace tablecloth, coloured glasses to compliment the setting, a towel on the bed with a small gift, more flowers and a welcoming smile for those who passed through her doors. She was the perfect host. Our guests always left feeling blessed and with the warm imprint of our Mum’s kindness upon their hearts. People always wanted to come back to our home.

God is also the perfect host. Colossians 1:21-22. There was a time when we were strangers to God, living in the squalors outside the Kings gates. We were not participants at His extravagant banquet table in His royal home. In fact, we were not only strangers to God, we were unqualified and offensive to Him. Yet we arrogantly hurled abuse at Him in our independent states and told Him to take His “holy ham” and eat it on His own at His kingly table, all the time curiously wondering what it would be like to dine in the Kings palace, because deep down we felt lost and hungered for an invitation. Our pride kept us prisoners of the earthly streets; urchins of the fallen god; impoverished and incapable of escape. We were filthy in God’s sight and unable to ever meet His standards as acceptable guests. But God, is a benevolent King and in spite of our contemptible states, He sent His invitations out into the common place with His precious son who sacrificed everything to make sure all of humanity were issued with an invitation that would welcome them home and treat them as though they had never offended the Host. Every one of us; sinful beggars on the streets, unworthy recipients, received this stately invitation and were invited in. His invitation was free, and it was far more than just a one-time seat at his banquet table. The invitation included being accepted as heirs to dwell in His Kingdom home without the requirement to contribute a thing to our stay; just to personally acknowledge His rightful role as King when we accepted His invitation. The person who paid for this invitation for us was Jesus, the perfect Son of the perfect host. You and I are the beneficiaries of His hospitable, gracious, and generous invitation. There will never be an invitation like this invitation where we get to dwell and dine in the presence of God our King and maker. When we accept His invitation, He will keep us in His home, treat us as His adopted children and extend to us His inexhaustible love and acceptance, bestowing upon us all the benefits of being part of His treasured family. God is our perfect host.

So, friends, get your host on today.


Best days to come.