The varying seasons of life. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us of the varying seasons of life. It also highlights that no season is the same and as we navigate these ever-changing chapters, we must adjust our sails as the winds of change blow through our lives. Some seasons see us spinning our wheels out of control, other seasons delight us with a brand-new pair of shoes that will walk us into new frontiers of accomplishment and celebration. Then there are seasons that sting us with the frostbite of loss or seasons that leave us sun-kissed with love. We bump into the realities of life as we weave our way through the varying seasons of life and move along the timeline of history.

As we look at Ecclesiastes 3, we see patterns of life; cycles, time, and rhythms that will inevitably occur in our lives “under the sun”, impacting our deepest longings. If we dwell too long in this single space, we may draw conclusions that there is a certain recurrent emptiness, even meaningless in life. So, we need to read wider than just the contrasting counterparts expressed in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 such as life and death, weeping and laughing, destroying and building, mourning and dancing and so on. We need to link up with verses 11-14 that shows us God is the one constant throughout the varying seasons of life. He is the one unchanging reality flowing through every season and His sovereign, eternal hand upon us allows us to have a hope that becomes the anchor for our souls as we navigate the terrain of the varying seasons of life. It is God that points us past what can sometimes seem absurd and to Himself as He redeems all things. We see that God does not leave us with the sense of meaninglessness but with the reminder that He is Lord over the sun under which we dwell and sovereign over us. He has struck eternity into our hearts and links our destiny to His eternal purpose on earth and in Heaven, as He makes everything beautiful in His time. God is outside the confines of the cycles, time, seasons and rhythms of life. And so, these perimeters that God draws around us on earth with the varying seasons of life will be lifted, as a direct consequence of the eruption of the resurrection of Jesus over death when our time on earth is done. This births in us immense hope. Suddenly, we have a passage through the varying seasons of life accompanied by hope and on into eternal life, through Jesus. One day, the winds of change will blow no more as God redeems the varying seasons of life and lifts us into the place of eternal restoration, redeeming the varying seasons of life, making them new and beautiful in His time.


So, friends, get your season on today.

Best days to come.