Hello Everyone

If you were God, what would you be like? It’s a challenging question. I was driving home the other night and I was aware of the various, foolish drivers around me. One was ducking and weaving in the traffic, others were driving at snail pace, some were speeding, then there were the lane drifters, the road rager abusing everyone in their way, and of course there was the one that ran the red light. As I sat behind the wheel, I could hear my automatic thoughts declaring “if I was a police officer, I’d book that person, I’d put that driver in jail, I’d make sure that driver lost all their points as well as their license.” My judgments went on and on with no mercy. I just kept hammering the guilty gavel. Clearly, I was the only perfect driver on the road with my “super-sized cop” attitude, being judge and jury all at once. I had everyone being booked and thrown into jail with no reprieve. Afterall, shouldn’t they pay for all this irresponsible behaviour that put others at risk? Suddenly I began to think if I was God what would I be like?

God is holy, loving, kind, merciful, forgiving, gracious, wise, and perfect in character. He is the rightful judge of everything, and He is the only one worthy to hold that position. James 4:12. God is watching on as humanity drives through life cutting corners, lane drifting across God’s moral framework, living outside God’s road rules for life, speeding past His truth, running the red lights of God’s authority and road raging others causing relationship breakdown and abuse. Shouldn’t we be fined for the behaviour we exhibit to God on the roadways of life? If you were God, what would you be like? Unlike me, God is gracious. He is a just but merciful judge. If we run the red light of life and rebel against God, we are guilty. Yet when God drops His heavenly gavel, He declares us as righteous and we get a clean slate. Whilst He doesn’t give us a free pass to live however we want, when we offend Him, He has changed the way the penalty is paid. God’s judgment is still active, but our guilty verdict is transferred to Jesus. This is a daily gift to us. The One who is not guilty pays the penalty on our behalf and we are shown grace and mercy. Additionally, in God’s world we continuously retain our demerit points. Jesus not only pays the fine we owe, but He also deposits the demerit points straight back into our faith-account. We can never lose our license to be a child of God because God has stamped our licenses with a red cross that marks us as approved and forever His. It’s a hefty price that Jesus paid on our behalf, but it shows exactly the type of God our God is. So, if you were God, what would you be like?

Let’s all pull over to the side of the road for a moment and ask ourselves the question, answering honestly, “if you were God, what would you be like?” When you get behind the steering wheel of life today, will you be gracious, slow to anger, fair and wise in judgement, forgiving, encouraging, loving, merciful, and kind? I am so grateful for God’s perfection over my imperfect life. I also confess, I’m so glad for the world that I’m not God. Just a thought 😊.

So, friends, get your “God character” on today.


Best days to come.