Hello Everyone

The ultimate love story. Everyone loves a love story and we humans happen to feature in the greatest love story of the ages. God has drawn the shape of His love-heart around us, inviting us into the ultimate love story. 1 John 4:9-10.

The love of God for humanity truly is the ultimate love story. God’s love for us is like a King-sized accent upon humanity; a cosmic punctuation mark that sends a message around the universe that we are the object of His affections, the treasure of His heart, and the lover of our souls. In the ultimate love story, our Maker strides towards us, leans in every day, gazes into the eyes of our humanity and kisses our souls with an eternal kiss, reminding us we belong to Him. His love is a lifelong, unbounded, timeless love that dances us through life (in the good and the difficult) and into eternity. His love is unreserved. He never breaks His gaze. He speaks every love language. His love permeates every nook and cranny of life and we get to bask in the sunlight of His love forever. He has placed His unbreakable seal of love over our hearts as the guarantee of His unrivalled pledge of love.

As we read the ultimate love story in the Scripture, we see this majestic King of heaven, who loved us so greatly, He left His throne to search for His beloved and subjected Himself to unthinkable suffering and shame to find and claim His bride. From a human perspective, the love of God is truly unimaginable. It is inexplicable. Yet it is unmistakable, irrefutable, infinite, and irresistible. Even in our corrupt, broken, and offensive, fallen state, God chose us to be His precious, beautiful bride and placed the eternal ring of love upon the finger of humanity, binding us to Himself forever. We don’t have to jostle for His love. We don’t have to be perfect. We don’t need to prove our worth. We don’t need pretence. We don’t need to compete for His love. Nothing can or will eclipse His love. He will never faulter. We are irreplaceable to Him. We are breathtaking to Him and He literally moved heaven and earth to mount His redemptive campaign to make sure we know that we are unconditionally loved, accepted, and held securely in His grand embrace.  Now, that’s the ultimate love story.


So, friends, get your “love story” on today.

Best days to come.