Hello Everyone

“Today” has been gift-wrapped by God. Psalm 118:24. Each of us has a journey to be lived out. We have a past, and we have a future. Yet, we also have today. Living in the shadows of the past or basking in the light of the future will rob us of life today. The gift of life today does not mean we don’t value the past which has helped shape the moments we are currently inhabiting. Nor does it mean we can’t anticipate all God has for us in the future. The problem arises when we linger too long in the past or constantly dream of the future at the risk of not treasuring the miracle of each moment that makes up the offering of life today.

Think for a moment about the heart of the giver, God and all His intentions in giving us the gift of life. “Today” has been gift-wrapped by God as an extraordinary, extravagant gift, tied with a red Calvary ribbon. There is a gift tag tied to the gift of “today” and it has your name on it. It has been hand-picked, with love, just for you. Are you excited to receive God’s gift of “today” and eager to treasure what is in the gift box? How will you unwrap this precious gift of “today”? Will you tear it open like a wide-eyed, excited child, revelling in the excitement of this offering and make the most of it? Or will you unwrap it like a spoiled child who looks at a gift, puts it aside and moves on to the next present, missing the miracle of the moment?

“Today” has been gift-wrapped by God with 86,400 precious seconds that make up the gift. Assuming we sleep 8 hours, that still leaves us 57,600 seconds to be fully present in the present, using and enjoying our gift to full capacity. When we measure this gift of “today” on God’s eternal timeline and realise the brevity of our time on earth, it should motivate us to unwrap God’s gift of “today” with great thankfulness, enthusiasm and a desire to steward it wisely. Yet we are so often caught in the rhythm of everyday routines that we become acclimatised to the miraculous nature of every moment. Today has been gift-wrapped by God, yet our “todays” are at risk of dripping away so quickly, and moment by moment poured out into a river of time where the currents in that river carry away the gift of “today” and it’s gone forever. The value of “today” is the miracle of life and the time we are granted to live it out. It can only be experienced second by second. Will we waste it or embrace it? “Today” has been gift-wrapped by God and it’s a big ticket, valuable present, full of unique possibilities and it’s yours for the opening.

So, friends, get your “today” on today.


Best days to come.