Hello Everyone

The fifth Gospel is not part of the Cannon of Scripture; but it is the Gospel in action. The Gospel message is a powerful written message that brings hope to humanity, but the fifth Gospel is the living testimony of Christians who are the visible expressions of the of the written Word. Philippians 1:27-28. As Christians it is our call to walk on a pathway of credible faith. As the truth of God’s messages is lived through us, others look on and assess if they too want to walk on the pathway that secures their salvation and restores them to Jesus. The fifth Gospel means our lives are a living apologetic to the truth. We point people to reality, we show them who God is, we demonstrate how community works as we genuinely and sacrificially love each other, encourage each other, forgive each other, and provide for each other’s needs. As we live out our faith coherently and consistently, the fifth Gospel becomes a credible story of hope and an irresistible invitation for others to find the fulfilment they witness in us.

But we also need to stop and ask an important question about the fifth Gospel. What are we communicating through this fifth Gospel? Are we broadcasting the truth or a distorted version of the truth? How will people read our story that is to bear witness to God’s metanarrative of life and redemption? God has left a fairly big pair of shoes at our front doors, to step into when He calls us to walk the talk. Thankfully, He doesn’t leave us to walk in those shoes alone. He comes alongside us, does up our shoes so they miraculously fit our feet and He leads us, if we will follow Him to be a visible expression of His truth. Our walk as we live out the fifth Gospel is to compliment the inspired, written Word of God by being an inspirational witness that heralds such a compelling message, others will be stirred to want what we model. People are reading the story of our lives continuously and interpreting the message we send. As Christians, we are not living the typical story of a fallen humanity. We are living an alternative story of a redeemed and hopeful humanity. The fifth Gospel is a call for us to live a counter-cultural story that allows people to draw conclusions about the message of truth. Is the fifth Gospel we are living out desirable to others? Do they see that even though our lives are broken, the authentic love of Jesus is fused into our personal stories, continuing to transform our lives as we participate in God’s grand the story of redemption? The fifth Gospel is our everyday opportunity to show others the love of a Saviour who went to great lengths to bring them back into the fold of love and truth. And so, there is a unique opportunity to co-labour with God by living out the fifth Gospel.


So, friends, get your Gospel on today.

Best days to come.