Hello Everyone,

Endurance – it’s never about isolation. As Christians we are called to endure when the gavel of trouble falls so we can develop immovable faith (James 1:2-4). But the call to endure is never independent of the Body of Christ. A popularised word in this global pandemic is ‘#isolation’ which trends on social media daily. But isolation is not God’s intention when it comes to endurance. We are often enticed to endure in times of difficulty by listening to the drum beat of urban myths that set us off with a false start. Culture promotes the single lane of life, pushing us to be self-motivated, mustering up our own strength and generating a cast iron sense of resolve that propels our capacity to persevere no matter what. But this goes against our design. It sets us up for motivational and personal collapse because we were never meant to endure hardship in isolation of the Body of Christ. What happens when our individual motivation and strength runs out?

God has designed us for community and connectedness. Think about what we have missed most in this time of hardship whilst in isolation. It is people. Being called to endure is one thing, but doing it in isolation is like living out of tune with God’s rhythm for life. Hebrews 10:23-25 calls us to cling to our faithful God, but it also exhorts us to remain in community, connected to the Body of Christ, urging each other onward. When life shakes us, our ability to remain in unshakable faith is determined firstly, by God’s faithfulness and secondly, the Body of Christ who become our collective champions; enduring with us when we can no longer stand. They not only hold us up in the race but help us cross the finish line together. Endurance – it’s never about isolation.

It seems the enemy has assaulted the Body of Christ and camped on the need to isolate, making us think we have to endure alone. But! The Body of Christ has risen and the flame of hope is burning. The Body of Christ is enduring together, finding creative platforms for gathering and connecting, expressing acts of kindness, generosity and love. We are not in isolation! We are #the Body of Christ and unswerving faith is being etched into our story in this time of hardship.

So, friends, get ‘the Body of Christ’ on today.

Best days to come