Hello Everyone,

The mystery of mysteries! Now, there is something that should spark our inquisitive natures. We all love a mystery. They arouse our curiosity and entice us into a journey of discovery, promising the unearthing of what is hidden. In unravelling a mystery we unstitch the pieces bit by bit in order to see what all the pieces together reveal. Every person has an innate sense of curiosity to pursue the mystery of life and follow the trail to meaning, purpose, fulfilment, acceptance and destiny.

In Colossians 1:26-27 we are told of the mystery of mysteries. In reading the Biblical story, we discover a broken and lost humanity, plunged into a current of life, flowing into a sea of death over which there was no control. What a predicament for humanity! But, God began to reveal His redemptive plan – the mystery of salvation. Like all good mysteries, God’s plan was concealed for a long time. Finally, the redemption plan revealed Jesus as the mystery of mysteries. If we read through Hebrews 10, we see the momentum of this mystery culminating in Jesus; and at a great cost to Himself and all for our sake. How can we comprehend this? The result of the revelation of God’s mystery of mysteries is that as we pursue this mystery of life, Jesus makes us holy – once and for all and there is not a thing we can add or take away from His completed work. Nor can we earn it by merit. Before the revelation of the mystery of mysteries, we would have lived under the sacrificial system with an ever-growing awareness of not being able to measure up. Let that marinate in your spirit for a moment. Wow! This marvelous revelation of Jesus, means our pursuit of truth results in us gaining the status of being blameless and holy. It is undeserved, incomprehensible, and incomparable to any other option, but it is a reality of the mystery of mysteries! Today you are deemed holy and blameless because of Jesus.

This mystery continues to unravel as “the depths of mystery and love found in the Cross can never be fully plumbed, but it must be the lifelong pursuit of the Christian to marvel at its costliness and to celebrate its meaning.” [1]

So, friends get your ‘mystery’ on today. Have a listen to this worship song that will remind us of Jesus our mystery of mysteries.


Best days to come



[1] Ravi Zacharias