Hello Everyone,

I want to always be found with my knees bowed to Jesus. There is no one like Him.

When I contemplate life and how it could be if Jesus had not gathered me up in His arms, I cannot help but bow my knees to Jesus. Some of the deepest desires of the human heart include the need to be loved; really loved. Loved without the need to hide our imperfections or to work hard by the sweat of our brow to earn love, always knowing its fragility if we fail. We deeply desire acceptance, without the fear of rejection if we mess up. We need to belong; to have a place; to feel validated. We need purpose and meaning so that life is not lived with the resounding ring of meaninglessness. The truth is, without Jesus we would actually need to be perfect. That’s a daunting thought when we look into the mirror of our own souls, scrutinising the depths of our own hearts and seeing reflected back to us our numerous imperfections; imperfections that no other soul sees.

Why do I always want to be found with my knees bowed to Jesus? Because in Jesus, I don’t have to be perfect. He has gone to immeasurable lengths to secure me as a person. Every single desire of my heart is met in Him. What a humbling revelation that leads me to be found with my knees bowed to Jesus. There truly is no one like Him.

So, friends, get on your knees with me.

Best days to come