Hello Everyone,
Where does our help come from? In a time when the familiar things in life feel fragmented and the flames of fear are being fanned in our minds as we face unprecedented times, where does our help come from? In asking this question, it will lead us somewhere.
Psalm 121:1-2 suggests that we can scan a multiplicity of horizons, all promising to materialise as a source of help, but there is only one true source of help and that is God. The Psalm is extraordinary because, not only does it tell us that God is our help, it gives an all-encompassing context that underpins our confidence. God is the maker of heaven and earth. That is a monumental declaration. In other words, if God is the creator of all things, He is beyond capable of being our help. As vessels who sail on seas that are sometimes tumultuous (as they have been in recent days), there is no safer harbour to secure help than in God, who stretched out His arm and created all things. Where does our help come from? God. Unparalleled and unquestionably, God!
So, friends, get your help on today. 
Best days to come