We sow to grow. So, what seeds are you sowing today? I’ve recently been learning about planting tomatoe seeds. It is the most incredible process to take a minuscule seed, full of potential for growth, plant it into the void of the dark dirt and watch the petite plantlets pop their heads through to find the light. The end result of the sowing is the growing; a crop of big, rich red, delicious tomatoes ready for harvesting and consuming. It seems like God has given each of us fields of opportunity every day that are ready for the planting. He has placed the seeds of truth, love, kindness, generosity, mercy, and encouragement (to name a few) in our hands and He calls us to sow these seeds into the soil of the lives of others, on His behalf. As Matthew 5:16 says, we must let our light shine before others and as they benefit from our good works, they will see and glorify Jesus. Each seed we sow will produce something. We sow to grow. So, what seeds are you sowing today?


Every time we plant a seed we must be aware of the potential contained within those seeds. Yet, whilst every seed may have potential, this potential can only come to fruition after we have planted the seed. Unless we sow the seed, the seed won’t produce fruit. We sow to grow. So, what seeds are you sowing today? Think about how you respond when someone sows a seed of encouragement into the grounds of your life. It lifts you up and spurs you on and makes you want to encourage others in return.


We sow to grow. So, what seeds are you sowing today? Are you sowing seeds with your words as you speak life and hope? Are you sowing seeds with your hands through acts of kindness and generosity? Are you sowing seeds of faith as you pray for others? What will your crop look like when it comes to fruition and what will be harvested from the seeds you have sown? Every seed you sow will have an impact; a word of encouragement can make all the difference to another who is feeling off their game. One expression of love can turn a lost person around. One act of kindness can restore a person’s hope. One act of service can relieve a weary soul. One prayer of faith can help turn the key that unlocks a miraculous change another person desperately needs. One generous heart can bless those in need. Whatever seeds we hold, we must sow. Every word and action, no matter how small will stir the growth of another and life will be birthed. As we sow our seeds, we help others to pop their heads through the dirt of life to embrace hope and to see the light of the glory of Jesus. We sow to grow. So, what seeds are you sowing today?


So, friends, get your ‘sowing for growing’ on today.


Best days to come.



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