Hello Everyone


Extend the kindness of Jesus. One of the greatest expressions of the kindness of Jesus was His intentional entry into the story of a broken humanity. This story of kindness is unique because the very ones to whom Jesus extended kindness, had rejected Him and rebuffed His love. Yet Jesus looked past the undeserving and saw through to the plight of human lostness. To frame His act of kindness we must somehow get our minds around the magnitude of this immense, all-powerful, transcendent, holy, perfect God, who was propelled by love and kindness to redeem a hopeless humanity. So, Jesus took on the nature of humanity, whilst being fully God and entered into a world that was incapable of being liberated without the One who had the right to enact salvation. This is immense and it really counts for every person, as we have been unhinged from our creator since the fall. This act of kindness is the greatest hope that humanity has ever been granted. Imagine if Jesus was not kind. Life would be heading in the direction of despair and ultimate destruction. But this act of kindness on the part of Jesus totally changes the outcome. We are now the recipients of His benevolent love and kindness and we are saved. Kindness is a defining part of our journey and it is now on us to extend the kindness of Jesus to others, because kindness moves others towards healing and restoration. It fans the flame of hope and helps to raise others out of the ashes. Kindness changes the atmosphere no matter what the circumstances are. Unsolicited kindness points people to Jesus.


As we enter the story of Jesus and look around the Judean scene of the first century AD, we will see a plethora of characters who were all in deep need of love, redemption and kindness. One of the striking characteristics of Jesus is His kindness. Jesus showed kindness to every suffering, marginalised, unlovable, dirty, sick, rejected, degraded person He encountered. Every single person was changed as a result of His kindness.


Think about the impact of kindness in your life. What has an act of kindness meant to you and how has it changed your circumstances? Last week, our family suffered a trauma on so many levels. Yet what made the difference was kindness. It enabled us to function. The kindness of Jesus was touching our hearts every single moment. Everyone of us who have received kindness knows the immeasurable impact and value of this Christ-like characteristic. And so, we are called to extend the kindness of Jesus at all times. When the recipients don’t deserve it; when the person appears unlovable; when we are too tired to do it; when pride gets in our way, extend the kindness of Jesus anyway. It’s not always easy, but it is the Jesus way.


So, friends, get your “Jesus kindness” on today.


Best days to come,



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