Hello Everyone


God is unchanging. The world as we have known it has flipped on its head and left us all slightly perplexed about navigating life the way we have been used to. Life in the covid lane or any lane that knocks us hard can cause us to feel like a cork bobbing around on the ocean, trying to get our bearings. Amidst this time of continuous change, there is immense comfort in the truth that our God is unchanging and no matter what the varying currents of life bring, as we take our anchors and set them deep into the character and nature of God, He will hold us steadfast and we will never drift or be dragged along, unhinged by the undertow of change. James 1:17.

God reveals Himself throughout the Biblical story as the unchanging God and He is exactly who He declares Himself to be, and nothing can or will change His person. God is unchanging. He is the only one in the entire universe who can make that claim and remain true to it. This makes Him distinctively God. It also makes Him a safe harbour in which our human vessels can take refuge and shelter; a sanctuary we will never be turned away from.

It is a reality that life will move, shift, take on a new face or become like an unfamiliar stranger to us. Even the layers of life that have always been stable, predictable, or traditionally reliable and dependable, will eventually change. It is at this interchange that we remember the hope we have in God who is the only true mainstay in life and the only one who will remain unwavering, constant, and immovable. No matter what the rate or type of change is or what body of water we find ourselves navigating, God is unchanging. The waters of life will inevitably fluctuate as the motion of change flows. We have certainly witnessed that recently. There will be rough seas, calmer waters, tidal waves, or gentle flowing waters to wade in, all driven by the ripples of change. But our God is unchanging.

In this transitory, temporal world that we are sailing through, we can move ahead with an eternal perspective that underpins our foundations and creates confidence and assurance that our God is unchanging and nor is He subject to change that can cause Him to become unrecognisable to us the same way the things of this world do. God will always be visible to us. He is always the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and in this space, we find peace and comfort like no other place. Our God is unchanging.

So, friends, get your “unchanging God” on today.


Best days to come.