Hello Everyone


Shaken but not stirred. Some of you will recognise this famous statement from the James Bond movies. When requesting his preferred beverage, James Bond, the British Secret Service agent, 007 would request his drink be shaken and not stirred. When it comes to the journey of faith, the idea of being shaken but not stirred relates to our foundations and what pins us in place when hard times hit. In other words, the more we understand who God is, the more secure we become when we collide with the ballistic missiles of affliction, fired at us by the enemy, designed to demolish our faith. Although we feel the impact of difficulty and we may be shaken up, our foundations are not stirred because we are planted in an unshakable Kingdom. (Hebrews 12:28). We might feel shaken but we remain unstirred.


Every one of us have, or will experience the tremor of tragedy and distress throughout our lives. Yet, we have a hope that runs deep and flows from the arteries of Kingdom truth, and that will always lead us back to our solid foundations which remain unstirred, even when we feel shaken. When the missiles are fired at us and we feel like the shaking could take us out, we turn to the unchanging King, who sits on His immovable throne, in the kingdom that is built on unshakable foundations. This King always, always, always knows what He is doing. Being confident in who our King is and who it is we belong to allows us to be shaken but not stirred.


So, friends, get your ”Kingdom foundations” on today.


Best days to come



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