Hello Everyone


Marked by God”. On every piece of fine bone china, there is a manufacturer’s hallmark which is considered to be the mark of authentication. If you turn an item of fine bone china over, right there in the centre of the piece you will find the unique “fingerprint” of the maker which includes the image, country of origin and the name of the maker. It is unique.


God is the author of your life; your grand designer. You have been marked by God. He has crafted you and woven every strand of your being together. The Master’s timeless paintbrush has painted you into being, using exquisite brush strokes to define you as a masterwork of His hand and given you your own striking flair that makes you, uniquely you. The signature of the King is upon you. The centre of your being is imprinted with His image, authentically marking you with His personal fingerprint. You are marked by God. There is no other like you! God’s signature marking upon your being signals you are His. You belong to Him and your country of origin is the kingdom of God.


Being marked by God is not just a theological idea. It is a reality that determines our dignity and inherent value as humans. Like the fine bone china porcelain pieces, we bear the hallmark of the maker; we actually bear the mark of God and that makes us significant. The world around us is crumbling and alternative ideologies are tearing down the walls of our humanity, driving us to fixate on our own self-image and carve out our own self-worth. But on what basis? It is a precarious set of shoes to step into. But, we are alive to God and belong to Him. We are marked by God; His imago dei in us determines our worth. So, here’s the question, “do you think of yourself as a master work of God (Ephesians 2:10) or a custom designed being; dreamed up and intricately fashioned by God and do you live like that each day? What a marvellous and miraculous truth.


So, friends, get your ‘God mark’ on today.


Best days to come