Hello Everyone


What’s your footprint? Walking across my favourite beach recently, I was conscious of the footprints in the sand. Each footprint told its own story of the person that walked that way. The footprints all lead somewhere and each one left an imprint behind. These footprints were a visual reminder of the imprint we leave in life; the unique mark we impress upon others as we step on to the stage of life and enact our personal performance in relationship with God and others. We don’t just take a step, we make an imprint. So, what’s your footprint and what does the mark you leave on others look like?


When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon back in 1969, his feet pressed into the surface of the moon, leaving footprints where no one else had ever been before. He didn’t just step on to the moon, he left his footprint and it is a footprint that no one will ever forget. The beauty of his footprint being imprinted on the surface of the moon; the greatest light that hangs in our night sky with perfect precision, is that it pointed to something greater than himself. Ultimately his footprint was a reference point to the majesty of God, the creator of all and the capacity God infused into humanity, made in His image to encounter wonder, to imagine, to discover, to accomplish and to leave a mark. We are designed to leave an imprint. 1 John 2:6. So, what’s your footprint?


When the curtains of life open each day, God treats us to the exquisite gift of life. As we step out onto the stage, what kind of performance will we give? As we act out God’s redemptive drama, will the footprints we leave be so distinct there will be no possibility for our audience to misinterpret the message? As they watch on, will our footprints lead them to places they have never been before, profoundly pointing them to something greater than themselves; to Jesus? When we have departed this world, what will people remember about the footprints of our lives? Today, don’t just take a step, leave an imprint.


So, friends, get your “footprint” on today.


Best days to come