Hello Everyone


Live like Jesus is returning today. I recently had a dream that Jesus returned. It was so vivid. In my dream, I recall being awakened by a disorientation of being taken up into the skies, having no control over what was happening and trying to make sense of it. Then suddenly there was an awareness that “it’s happening”, “Jesus is coming” and I exclaimed His name: “Jesus”. It was the most wondrous dream I have ever had. This dream sharpened my sense of how real the second coming of Jesus is and how I must live like Jesus is returning today.


God’s grand, cosmic redemption plan is still being played out. Yet there are so many distractions to the main story. There’s another, counter-playact running in parallel to the Biblical story where the enemy casts a shadow over the return of Jesus by presenting it as some kind of apocalyptic afterthought, dumbing down it’s urgency. We Christians even get relaxed and whilst we may not buy into the counter-story of the second coming, we do get caught up in our own dramas that distract us. There is a numbness that can settle in and we live distracted by the everydayness of life. The return of Jesus becomes silhouetted in our minds rather that being in precise focus, causing us to live like Jesus is returning today.


History as we know it, is moving to a close and you and I are standing at a point in time, on the timeline of history, still conscious there will be a moment when God’s great cosmic curtain will drop and we will be taken up to be with Him, as God ushers in a final restoration to all creation. CS Lewis noted that when the great author of life walks on to the stage, the play will be over.1 So, what does our space on the timeline of history look like today? Do we live with an infused sense of urgency that Jesus could come at any moment? Matthew 24:44. Are we amongst the fields of life, sewing seeds of truth, planting and cultivating God’s kingdom on earth? Are we living out God’s drama with such an authentic performance, that others will be drawn into the story? What if this was the last moment in life before Jesus came? What would we change? We have a hope in a hopeless age that can point people to the truth. Our role is to live intentionally; to live like Jesus is returning today. Jesus lived, Jesus died, Jesus rose, Jesus ascended and Jesus will come again.


So, friends, get your “urgency” on today.


Best days to come



1 CS Lewis