Welcome, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ to Teachers Talking for Term 4 entitled “The Stories we tell”.

As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect back on both the anxiety and challenge of living in a world with the COVID pandemic.

In his book, “Where is God in a Coronavirus world?”, John Lennox says it is the tale of the two crowns, the coronavirus that looks like a crown under a microscope and Jesus Christ as King of Kings. Where is Christ when humans are faced with their vulnerability and mortality?

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Welcome to Teachers Talking for Term 3.

During Term 2, we focussed on the theme “Where Heaven meets Earth”. Many of you will have stories to share about how your infinitely wise and good Heavenly Father is sustaining both you and your school community through these strange and challenging days. You and your colleagues have embodied the kindness and compassion of Jesus as you struggled to help your students learn differently and engender hope into their lives…

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Welcome to Teacher Talks for Term 2.

Last term we began with the question “How do we trust God and education faithfully in an age of confusion and anxiety?”…

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