Hello Everyone,
God is always God in the midst of every season. This one central truth is the basis for how we navigate the seasons of our lives. We read in Ecclesiastes 3 of the many and varying seasons of life such as living, dying, sowing, reaping, flourishing, stripping, sickness, health, darkness, light, weeping, laughing and so on. They are descriptors of the seasonal transitions we encounter.
There are two important points to be made about seasons.  Firstly, seasons are transitional and temporal, but they do shape our faith.  Secondly, God is eternal and is always God in the midst of every season. Knowing the transitional and temporal exist in the context of the eternal gives us a hopeful perspective for every season of life. God’s faithful, eternal nature is the one constant that moves us through the temporal seasons and establishes the things of eternal value. And so, seasons help to ground our belief in God, as well as our experience of Him. We become more acquainted with Him, placing less emphasis on the season itself and greater emphasis on the eternal as we adopt a posture of trusting God in every season.
As we navigate this current season where we feel hemmed in by the boarders of a viral threat, we take up the posture of faith and trust, understanding God is the one who controls all things. The seasons aren’t in control, God is. This COVID-19 season will end and God will still be on the throne. God is always God in the midst of every season.
So, friends, get your “eternal” on today and affirm this truth.
Best days to come