Hello Everyone,

What is your life’s portrait? You might ask me what I mean by that question. The idea of a portrait is a portrayal. It is a defining image that leaves an impression and a lasting impact. A good portrait enables the observer to settle on the subject right away. So, what’s your life’s portrait?

We live in an era of self-portraits, sharing our selfies with the world and drawing attention to our best life. That’s ok for fun. But what portrait do you want to reflect to the world? When people look at your life, what will they settle on? As Christians we are called to be a portrait of Jesus; the expression of Him. Whist we all nod and agree, being a portrayal of Jesus can challenge us. The portrait of Jesus is loving, kind, just, merciful, holy, good, faithful, sacrificial, humble, obedient, giving, hospitable, forgiving. Thankfully Jesus, our artist is still producing our spiritual portraits. Let’s choose one thing and ask Jesus to produce this in us as our portrait’s signature; one fruit of the Spirit that will leave a lasting impact on others, causing them to draw conclusions about the greatest artist ever, Jesus.

So, friends, get your portrait on and show the world Jesus.

Best days to come