Hello Everyone,

Seasons are often about transition from one thing to another. We have just transitioned from Summer into Autumn and there are expectations of this new season. But wait! The season suddenly looks different and everything that has been familiar and routine and enjoyable has changed. We are isolating; we have a level of fear and anxiety at the unknown; we don’t know what to expect and we are feeling the grief and loss that goes with what life should look like. But Wait! One thing changes EVERYTHING! God is still Lord of ALL our days. He is always on the throne. He is the constant in all the chaos and change. He is in every second, moment, minute, hour, day, week, month, year and for eternity. God in the midst of life changes EVERYTHING. It changes how we do our lives differently in this temporary season. It changes how we manage fear and it changes our expectations of life. He is Lord of all of our days.

Now, that brings back the permanency in the midst of the transitory. He is Lord of all of our days.

So, friends, mark your day with God’s permanent marker – HE IS LORD OF ALL OF OUR DAYS.

Best days ahead