Hello Everyone,

Jesus loves me! What a simple but profound statement that is richly loaded with meaning and implications for life.

As we approach Easter, I am reminded of this magnificent Saviour who has unlocked my salvation. In Christian circles we hear the words “Jesus loves me” over and over, and whilst we sincerely believe this truth, we can acclimatise to its full-bodied meaning and impact. Today I want to pause there. Jesus loves me! Say it with me and say it slow: “Jesus loves me!” Say it again and again until the truth marinates your thoughts and flavours your spiritual understanding.

Considering you and I were on a collision course with death, that guaranteed eternal separation from God, and we could not do a thing to ever alter that predicament, the words “Jesus loves me” are not only life-defining, they are life-altering. To help us embrace it’s depth, we could ask the question “what if Jesus didn’t love me?” If we let our minds loose even for one minute to consider this, we would begin to understand that the repercussions in our lives would be catastrophic and we would be adrift, without hope or purpose. Thankfully, the truth is that “Jesus does love me” and for that I am deeply grateful.

So friends, get your “Jesus loves me” on and thank Him with all your being.

Best days ahead