Hello Everyone,
God is our hope. One of the words on our lips in seasons of difficulty is hope. Culturally speaking, hope is often assumed to be synonymous with a wish that is blown out into the wind on the wings of optimism. It is tentative, anticipating the wish may be fulfilled by some slim, mysterious passage of good fortune. At best it is an attempt to change an outcome through positive thinking. At worst, it is the ‘wish upon a star’ and hope for the best mindset. But really, where is the assurance of things hoped for? (Hebrews 1:1). Wishing has a flimsy mainstay and the lever of control is chance.  
Biblical hope is about orientation where the focus is God. It is not subject to the changing winds of circumstances. It is an assurance, anchored in the character of a faithful God whose promises are inextricably bound to who He is. What God sets in motion will always come to fruition because He is a promise-keeping God. Biblical hope is immovable because it is orientated around God. The lever of control is God, not chance. Our role is to wed hope and faith, orientating around God’s faithfulness and to confidently wait for the fulfilment of His promises. God ignites the flame of hope. It is fanned through faith and trust and it grows brighter as it is continually fuelled by God’s eternally reliable hand. In other words, true hope is not what we wish for but who we place our faith in. God is our hope.
So, friends, get your hope on today.
Best days to come