Hello Everyone,

Resurrection power! At this point in time our days can feel like we are cocooned in isolation. Being isolated, has prompted me to think of Jesus during His time in the grave.

On the back of Easter and the glorious story of the resurrection of Jesus, we see the full impact of Jesus rising from the dead. Resurrection power. God raised Jesus to life. He came out of the tomb. At the end of His three day “isolation” in the grave, a monumental transformation occurred; a shift in death and life. Resurrection power. The victory Jesus had over death was only possible as He died and was cocooned, isolated and sealed in a grave. The victory came after Jesus had been buried. When Jesus rose, life was impacted forever. We are now the recipients of his resurrection power. Ephesians 2 tells us we were dead. But God bought us back to life in Jesus and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms so we can do His good works.

Here’s the challenge. We have the resurrection power of Jesus. What will our victory look like after this time of cocooning? Will our time in isolation be a time of transformation because of the resurrection power of Jesus? Will we ask Jesus to change us and use us to do His good works in greater ways so others will encounter his resurrection power? Resurrection power says yes.

So, friends, get your resurrection power on and be the transformation.

Best days to come