Hi Everyone,
Treasure those you love and love with open arms.
One thing this global pandemic has put the spotlight on is the value of life. Everyone is doing whatever it takes to avoid contracting this deadly virus. Why is that? I believe God created us with an intrinsic sense of how precious life is. If life was worthless, then who would care. Not only has this pandemic reminded us of the fragility of life, it has struck another chord, reminding us of the value of life. The value of our humanity is front and centre as we realise what matters most; to treasure those we love and love with open arms.
This season has created the unique space for selfless love. It has opened a new portal for spending time creatively, doing things that count, leaving an impression of love on the hearts of others and appreciating the simple things that count for much. To treasure those you love and love with open arms is to step into selflessness; a place of vulnerability for the sake of others. It is loving without expectation. It is to love past  the failures and be quick to forgive. It is the freedom to speak out words of affirmation that are often silenced by the fear of rejection. It is to embrace the gift of time. It is to serve and to sacrifice. It is to take the moments and create the memories. It is to show kindness and compassion and to walk the road of life in such a way that those we treasure and love will be better off because of us. It is to love like Jesus, who loves us with open arms (John 15:13). It may not be easy but when we understand how Jesus loves us, it gives us the platform to start. Step in and treasure those you love and love with open arms.
So, friends, get your love on today.
Best days to come