Hello Everyone,
The first and last, the alpha and omega, the Great I AM, there is no other (Revelation 22:13). We live between the bookends of this eternal reality. The narrative of our lives fits into the metanarrative of God’s story where His bookends are eternal.
Think about the magnitude and mystery of this. Our lives are one finite, but highly valuable thread in this eternal tapestry. Without Jesus we would not actually have a beginning. Without Jesus, our end would not have the hope of eternity. But here is Jesus, the great I AM who spans the entirety of our lives whilst also spanning eternity. Imagine this! Jesus, the first and last, the only one who can lay claim to being the Great I AM, who is creator of all, omnipotent, omniscient, transcendent, eternal, the reference point for all of reality and the director of history, thought enough of you and I to sweep down, entering into the temporal, finite dimensions of earthly existence, confining Himself to time and matter (all of which He created and controls), in order to redeem us, offering to love us intimately and perfectly.
The implications of this for us as finite beings is extraordinary, that a person of the magnitude of Jesus, personally joins Himself to us and lovingly presses into every part of our lives. There is no greater place of contentment and no safer place to nestle than in Jesus, the first and last.
So, friends, get the Great I Am on today.
Best days to come