Hello Everyone,

His hand is mighty! As the sun rises and the world wakes up, the rhythms of life continue to flow. This is no small thing. The sunrise may feel like a normal rhythm of life, but it is miraculous. Every moment is dependent on His mighty hand.

Today, we are reminded of the hand that causes the sun to rise; the hand that enables the flow of life; the hand that offers us new possibilities every day. This hand is mighty. His hand; God’s hand is mighty!

Below is a picture I captured of sunrise. It was a living, breathtaking moment. I was filled with wonder as I realised it was also a miracle moment. It was a miracle, simply because the sun rose at the might of God’s hand. That very moment I was in, the breath I took, was because of God’s hand is mighty. Next time you look at a sunrise, consider the mighty hand of God but also think about this. God’s mighty hand created everything with such precision, positioning our earth at precisely the right distance from the sun. One click out and life would not be sustainable. That’s mighty!

At the might of God’s hand today, your life is breathtaking, miraculous and sustained. His hand is mighty!

So friends, get His might on, because no matter what the message of the world currently is, God’s hand is mighty.

Best days to come


Jeremiah 32:17 – “Ah Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you!”