Hello Everyone,
Faithful! The word faithful has a ring of comfort to it. It means loyal, committed, constant, unwavering, reliable, steadfast. Those descriptive words are beautiful, broad brushstrokes that paint a colourful picture of one aspect of God’s character; His faithfulness. The portrait of God we see in the Biblical narrative is one of perfect faithfulness running through the story like a thick thread. That thread is eternal and is weaved into our lives as an unbreakable cord. God is faithful!
When pressure or difficulty squeezes us from every angle, it is normal to experience discomfort. We long for God’s faithfulness and intervention. No matter what our circumstances dictate, when we shift our gaze to God, we find comfort. God is and will always be, everything He says He will be. Faithful. It is a proven, eternal truth that it is impossible for God to be unfaithful,. Faithfulness defines who God is. Deuteronomy 7:9 reminds us that God is God! That statement alone is a declaration of His faithfulness. It describes God as the faithful God who keeps His commitment to a thousand generations. There is never a time God is not faithfully working behind the scenes and acting on our behalf in perfect faithfulness. On our best days He is faithful! On our worst days He is faithful! He is faithful, past, present and future. What a relief and what a comfort.
So, friends, get your faith on, and take comfort that God is faithful.
Best days to come