Hello Everyone,

God is able! No situation in our lives is beyond the reach and scope of God. It does not matter what our circumstances are, big or small, God is able.

If we are truthful, this statement can make us feel both assured and full of faith, yet apprehensive and fearing He is able but He might not. We have no doubt about who God is and His capacity to miraculously transform anything we face. Yet, a tension can invade our faith when God doesn’t respond according to our timetable for what we envision or expect. So, we shift our footing and become apprehensive. This tension can lead us on a pathway of trust or it can divert us on a pathway of doubt and disappointment. There is one reality in this life and that is God is God. That inherently makes God able and also willing. His sovereignty becomes the overarching assumption by which we live out our own stories. God is able and He is willing but He is also sovereign.

Ephesians 3:20 speaks of a transformative truth, declaring that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or imagine. Our role is to live in the light of this reality, asking Him to reach into every crevasse of our lives, to touch and transform it. We must take assurance in the fact that God is able and not allow our faith to remain in the prison walls of apprehension. Why would we allow apprehension to confine us when we have a God who is able. So, ask Him; ask big; ask boldly; ask for everything in every sphere of your life, big or small, and trust Him with every outcome, because He is able.

So, friends, get your ‘God is able’ on today.

Best days to come