Hello Everyone,

Are we there yet? How many times have we hushed the kids for repeatedly asking that age old question: “are we there yet?” But could we be found with this question on our lips at this point in time?

Here’s a question for you. In this time of crisis do you live wishing for the day this crisis will be over? Are you wising away the days, the months or the year and asking “are we there yet?”

Or do you live with a deep consciousness of the inherent value of your life? If we tie our value and quality of life to our circumstances then we may as well wish away the days, because circumstances change. But if we understand the intrinsic value and worth ascribed to us by God, it changes how we treasure the gift of every moment no matter what is going on in life. We can lose an awful lot between “are we there yet” and actually being right here, right now. Our lives are a miraculous gift from God and although it is natural to wish for better circumstances in times of difficulty, it is not natural in God’s economy to exchange the significance of being made in the image of God with immense value, embracing every moment of life with deep gratefulness for an express exit just because life can be harsh. Life is always a gift.

Life is short, life passes quickly. Life is valuable. Let’s not ask “are we there yet?” Let’s ask “am I in this moment?” and live like we have already answered that question in the affirmative.

So friends, get your value on and enjoy this moment.

Best days ahead