Hello Everyone

Jesus will prevail.

As 2020 turned the history pages and a new century opened, we all seemed so perfectly positioned on the 21st century timeline for the best year ever. We bundled up many of our new, God-shaped dreams, hopes, desires and plans and placed them into the promise box of 2020 and stepped out with faith and expectation. Yet the wet blanket of calamity was cast over us and it feels like we have hit the decade of doom rather than the dawning of the new. The tiny particles of fatigue have settled into the grooves of many broken dreams and numerous unfulfilled expectations. What appears to be a whole heap of doors slamming and shutting, I believe is, in God’s economy, a time where new doors will open and Jesus will prevail. Whilst we are waiting behind the boarder lines of our current reality, it is also a time to embrace the truth that no shut door can keep the plans of Jesus contained because, no matter what Jesus will prevail. His plans and His timing will be enacted perfectly. Ultimately, it is not closed doors that have us pinned in a position of spinning our wheels; God has us perfectly positioned in spite of what appears to be a successful assault of the enemy on humanity this year. No! The enemy has already been defeated and Jesus will prevail. Colossians 1:16.


God is faithfully holding every promise we started the year with in His abundant, cosmic-sized hand. God will finally remove the fence line of this pandemic and redeem the pain of this season.Jesus will prevail past the borders of a year that has hemmed us in through a pandemic. He will bring us into a renewed, expanded territory that He has prepared for us to inhabit; a new season of life. What seems like a narrow passage will become an enlarged territory under the direction of the prevailing Jesus. He invites us to look past the doors of doom as He opens the borders and invites us into new frontiers of faith. Whilst the enemy creates the illusion of us being stuck in the narrow trenches with no way out, Jesus is using to advance His kingdom purposes. Jesus will prevail.


Ephesians 1:11 tells us that we are chosen, predestined according to His plan to work everything in conformity according to His purposes and will. Nothing can beat that. Jesus will prevail no matter what!


So, friends, get your ‘Jesus will prevail’ on today.


Best days to come.



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