Hello Everyone

The precious promise box of God. A special part of our childhood growing up was our Mother’s ‘precious promise box’. It was a small box containing a collection of Bible verses, printed on small scrolls of paper, that all fitted snugly together into the promise box, each bearing a promise of God. Every day we would use the little tweezer-like implement to select a scroll and we would read out the promise together. This little compendium of treasure was like picking out a piece of gold that would make us rich for the day.

God’s Word is full of His promises; promises that are precious as we encounter life. As the grand designer of all things, God has sewn every person of faith into His grand patchwork of life. He has joined the pieces of life together with His promises and embroidered them upon His creatures as ornamental expressions of His faithfulness and goodness. There are thousands of God’s promises. Think about that. Thousands of promises, each bearing the signature of the Promise Maker. Knowing God’s promises are for us is one thing, but knowing they flow out of His character makes them a certain thing. As the expression of who He is, God’s promises give us the assurance that no matter what things we face in life, God will pin his promises on us at every turn. The precious promise box of God is His ‘yes and amen’ (2 Corinthians 1:20); His guarantee that as sure as reality hits, so do His promises. For example, just to name a few. When anxiety hits, the promise of His transcendent peace infiltrates our troubled thoughts. Philippians 4:6-7. When there are times of loneliness, the promise of His presence will be intimately ours. Isaiah 41:10. When fear hits us, the promise of His perfect love will banish fear. When we feel broken, God promises to bind up our gaping wounds. Psalm 147:3. When we feel overwhelmed, God promises to lift the weight off our shoulders. Matthew 11:28-30. When we grieve, God promises to comfort us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. When we are tired, God promises His rest. Matthew 11:28. When we feel lost, God promises to locate us. Luke15:4-7. When we feel unknown and our voice feels silenced, God promises to hear us. John 10. When we scan the horizons of our lives and feel the pinch of the temporal, God promises us the eternal. 1John 2:17. The precious promise box of God contains endless promises.

With the thousands of promises at our disposal, why not go to the treasury of God’s precious promise box, begin to explore the jewels in His treasure chest and when the enemy wants to strip us bare and leave us bankrupt, the jewels we discover in God’s precious promise boxwill keep us rich and become a valuable, ongoing reserve. Always remember we don’t just read about God’s promises, we are the recipients of God’s promises. So, what is one precious promise of God that is, or has been a jewel in your life? Take that promise, write it on a little scroll, place it in your own little promise box and be assured that God will be faithful to you, not only with that one promise but with all His promises as you continue to open God’s precious promise box.

So, friends, get your “promise” on today.


Best days to come.