Hello Everyone

God’s master work on display.
In one of our last TEC Thoughts for the Week, we spoke of being a master work of God. God is the ultimate artist. All of God’s creation is an expression of His creative work, with His signature and imprint visible in all His works (Psalm 19:1-4). Humans however, are God’s exquisite master work of art; His prize creation that most portrays the Master Artist (Psalm 8).

The whole idea of art is to create a work that gives expression to the heart, thought and intention of the artist. No work of art is created only to be hidden. Art is intended for display, allowing others to enjoy and engage with the story behind the work and to gain insight into the artist; to convey meaning. A number of years back when I was taking art classes, our teacher selected some of our art works to be displayed in his gallery for the annual student art exhibition. To my surprise, my teacher hustled me into the gallery, quickly pointing to a group of artists admiring the paintings and wanting to engage with the story behind them. One artist commented “I love the thick, organic flow of the brush strokes that bring your work to life and point us to the deeper meaning”. Well, that was nice, but there was a conclusion to be drawn. Those artists could only have had that discussion if my paintings were hanging in the gallery. The paintings were not meant to be stuck in a private space that concealed their meaning. They came to life as they hung on the walls at the exhibition. The nature of art is to display what has been crafted. God has created us and intends us to be His master work on display, never to be hidden from the world. We are the authentic expression of God’s creation and He has placed us on the gallery walls of His kingdom here on earth, to point others to Himself. God’s intention for humanity is to give expression to the Master Artist, so the purpose of God is revealed. We are God’s master work on display.

We are a portrait of God worth more than a thousand words. We God’s poetry in motion, eloquently expressing His truth. We are vessels of the Master potter, moulded into the shape of Jesus; filled with the aroma of His Spirit. We are the music that God writes; an expression of His heavenly anthem. We are His mosaic, as He arranges the pieces of our lives to be the Body of Christ, placed together, to display the image of our creator. People come into the galleries of our lives every day to view God’s magnificent master work, pointing them to the Master Artist. We the manifesto of God; we are God’s master work on display.

So, friends, get your ‘display’ on today.


Best days to come.